If you have come to read one of the best blogs from just an ordinary student at the University of Wyoming, you have come to the right place! I’m just a small town girl from little old Cheyenne, WY, earning her way to a Bachelor’s in Communication!

In the rare free time I get between juggling classes and work, I spend my time at the gym, running, or playing with my dog! I love to paint and express the artsy side to my soul through artwork. There’s so many sides to this brown-haired, brown-eyed 20-year-old!

21192443_810676209115341_4398539874505390636_n.jpgTimber, my 9 month old mutt.

I am currently the Social Media Corresponder for my campus’s Her Campus Chapter. I love connecting with all of the “collegiettes” at the University of Wyoming! Another organization I am actively involved in on campus is the Silver Wings Society, sponsored by the ROTC programs. What I most enjoy is the outreach to the Laramie community!

One weekend out of every month I get the amazing opportunity to serve my country in the Wyoming Army National Guard. While I’m also a cadet in the Army ROTC program on campus, my main goal is to graduate with a commission in the National Guard as an Adjutant General Officer. In layman’s terms? I aspire to work as an officer in media relations and human resources! Of course I would want to stay in Wyoming, I love this state and every little detail about it!

Which brings me to this blog. Through posting, I hope to get a leg up on my media experience. By taking COJO classes and those such as Multimedia Productions and Media Writing, my social media skills can only get better from here.

15380370_672552832927680_684604888386964277_n.jpgAnnual ROTC Medicine Bow Hike, 2016

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